Thursday, November 05, 2009

Shooting At Ft. Hood

Right in our back yard.

At least seven people are dead and 12 wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, the base's public affairs office told NBC News on Thursday.

So far, looks like 3 possible shooters. That dramatically lowers the chance of it being a crazy dude not wanting to redeploy. Not to jump the gun, but it's starting to sound "jihad-ish".

One shooter? PTSD.
Two shooters? Conspiracy.
Three shooters? This is going to get much nastier before it's over.


Killeen ISD says all Fort Hood schools are on lockdown.

Temple ISD is on a "soft" lockdown. Parents will be able to pick their children up at the normal times, though they may experience delays.

At 4:40, Dear Leader Obama is going to SPEAK. I feel better already.

12 killed, as many as 30 wounded.

III Corps Commander says all three shooters are soldiers...

Primary shooter's name: Malik Hassan. Interesting.

The other 2 people arrested have been released.

Hassan had been reported shot and killed, but his condition has been upgraded to "alive". This should be VERY interesting.

More as it develops...