Saturday, March 29, 2008

That Sounds Familiar

I've been saying this for quite some time. Heck, MissSpeech and I have been warning our Financial Peace classes about this. Just nice to have it confirmed.

Jesus from South Texas signed up for credit monitoring at the notoriously scammy He never received the confirmation email and wasn't able to access his account, so he never used it, but forgot to call to cancel it. After three months he realized he was being charged $15 a month as per their terms of service, so he went to their site to retrieve his login credentials and was told the account didn't exist.

See? They even scammed Jesus.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whoa, THOSE Were Good!

I just had some awesome food. Taco Cabana now has Shrimp Tampico tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. I enjoyed two of the tacos, and dad-gum they were good! Lots of medium-sized shrimp marinated in lime, cilantro, garlic, ancho chilis, and chipotle, with diced tomatoes and onions all on Taco Cab's awesomely soft flour tortillas. These things are magnificent. I wonder if you can get them on corn tortillas... Just thought I'd share.

Just Say "No"

First, I apologize for the light blogging, but MissSpeech and I have been out of town for a while (a post about that coming soon!), and I've been really busy with various things. Anyway, I wanted to quickly draw your attention to a very troubling trend in "law enforcement" recently.

In both Boston and Washington DC, there is a new "mandate" that has the police going door-to-door looking for guns in people's homes. Ostensibly, it's to look for illegal guns possessed by minors, but it really just appears to be a gun grab AND a violation of the 2nd and 4th amendments. The only "good news" is that apparently, just like vampires, the police have to be invited in to look around, in exchange for amnesty.

The problem is, how many people, when faced with a cop at thier door, will just let the cop in to "just look around"? I would bet most people would. And that's unfortunate. Because it is you RIGHT to not have them in your house FOR ANY REASON without a warrant, even if you think you're just being nice. So, the GreatMoose has provided a simple response should something like this ever happen to you. Ahem:

Cop: "May we search your home?"
Homeowner: "Do you have a warrant?"
Cop: "No."
Homeowner: "No, you may not." And close the door.

It's that simple. Be polite. But remember, we live in a free (for the time being) country. You do, in fact, have rights. This isn't really even about guns and the 2nd amendment. It's about the 4th, and it's just as important.

Minor civil liberties rant over.

Monday, March 10, 2008

"'Tis But A Flesh Wound." (Badass of the Year Award)

This article is just amazing. A British soldier in Afghanistan takes on 150 Taliban an owns them all.

As a public service to those not well-versed in Brit-speak (or as they call it, "English"), I provide the following translation:

“Fusilier Hields showed extraordinary courage under intense fire,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Huw James, his commanding officer."

Translation - The LC says that Hields was taking none of their Islamo-bulls$h!t.

“I was astonished at the state of his vehicle. There were so many holes in it, it was like a teabag."

Translation - The enemy ragheads shot the hell out of his ride.

"The Taliban did everything in their power to neutralise [him] and Fusilier Hields was having none of it."

Translation - The ragheads knew not with whom they farked.

"His actions allowed his patrol to come out of the ambush in which they were outnumbered by three or four to one and probably saved a lot of lives.”

Translation - He went total Chuck Norris on their punk @$$es.

The weapon in question:

Mess not with the British, for they will end you.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Moss Is Beginning To Chink On The Tiger's Spots

Or something. Anyway, the point is, chinks are beginning to appear in the Obama armor, and the GreatMoose is changing his mind. After my previous post on the topic, I had some time to think about it, and am rethinking my openess to consider Obama as a candidate. And it looks like McCain is my guy after all.

Honestly, it comes down to one thing: Can I wake up in January with a liberal as Commander-in-chief?


And since Huckabee is out (and Thompson, and Paul, and...), McCain is the choice, even though he's not as conservative as I'd like. I'll get over it.


McCain is officially the Republican nominee. Cool beans.


McCain is giving his victory speech, and I gotta be honest, I can't disagree with anything he's saying. IF he's being honest, I can support him 100%. Lower taxes, less regulation. Admits we live in a global economy and embraces it. No mandated/national healthcare. Win.


Aw crap, the Hildebeast won Ohio. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.