Monday, March 10, 2008

"'Tis But A Flesh Wound." (Badass of the Year Award)

This article is just amazing. A British soldier in Afghanistan takes on 150 Taliban an owns them all.

As a public service to those not well-versed in Brit-speak (or as they call it, "English"), I provide the following translation:

“Fusilier Hields showed extraordinary courage under intense fire,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Huw James, his commanding officer."

Translation - The LC says that Hields was taking none of their Islamo-bulls$h!t.

“I was astonished at the state of his vehicle. There were so many holes in it, it was like a teabag."

Translation - The enemy ragheads shot the hell out of his ride.

"The Taliban did everything in their power to neutralise [him] and Fusilier Hields was having none of it."

Translation - The ragheads knew not with whom they farked.

"His actions allowed his patrol to come out of the ambush in which they were outnumbered by three or four to one and probably saved a lot of lives.”

Translation - He went total Chuck Norris on their punk @$$es.

The weapon in question:

Mess not with the British, for they will end you.


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Holy Crap! That is one amazing Brit.

Daniel said...


I wanna be like that dude.