Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just Say "No"

First, I apologize for the light blogging, but MissSpeech and I have been out of town for a while (a post about that coming soon!), and I've been really busy with various things. Anyway, I wanted to quickly draw your attention to a very troubling trend in "law enforcement" recently.

In both Boston and Washington DC, there is a new "mandate" that has the police going door-to-door looking for guns in people's homes. Ostensibly, it's to look for illegal guns possessed by minors, but it really just appears to be a gun grab AND a violation of the 2nd and 4th amendments. The only "good news" is that apparently, just like vampires, the police have to be invited in to look around, in exchange for amnesty.

The problem is, how many people, when faced with a cop at thier door, will just let the cop in to "just look around"? I would bet most people would. And that's unfortunate. Because it is you RIGHT to not have them in your house FOR ANY REASON without a warrant, even if you think you're just being nice. So, the GreatMoose has provided a simple response should something like this ever happen to you. Ahem:

Cop: "May we search your home?"
Homeowner: "Do you have a warrant?"
Cop: "No."
Homeowner: "No, you may not." And close the door.

It's that simple. Be polite. But remember, we live in a free (for the time being) country. You do, in fact, have rights. This isn't really even about guns and the 2nd amendment. It's about the 4th, and it's just as important.

Minor civil liberties rant over.


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Good to have you back in the world of the blog! I was wondering if you had fallen into a very deep Casa Ole cheese enchilada induced sleep. Glad to hear that was not the case.

Cops searchings homes for guns... my answer:

Cop: "Can we search your house?"
Me: "Can I search yours?"
Cop: "Wha... um... No."
Me: "And circle meets the square."

Greatmoose said...

And once again, The Doctor has the winning response. Well done, sir.