Monday, October 12, 2009

AICN Reviews Where The Wild Things Are, And It Is Win

Harry reviews it here. Some snippets:

...Spike Jonze’s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is a staggeringly brilliant encapsulation of the intent and contents of Sendak’s book, but more so… of childhood itself. The result is a film of immense and unquestionable power that has the power to shake you more than any of you are really expecting.

At a private moment, mere minutes after the screening, I found myself blubbering. I had no idea it was coming. It wasn’t just the movie. It was what the movie did to me. What it opened up. It made me remember the way I looked at my mother when I was 9 years old. When she was awesome. Before the divorce, the alcoholism and her tarnished image. It made me wish I could go back and spend time with that version of my mom. Introduce my wife to her. It made me miss her. And I haven’t missed her in years...

...Now. Should you take the kids to see WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE?

That depends. Honestly, I wouldn’t take a kid under the age of 7. Even then, you need to realize that you’re gonna need to be an awesome parent, when you take your kid. This is a brilliant movie. One that conjures a lot of emotions, your child will feel every last one and you should be there to answer any questions, to hug and to experience the film with them. AND if any of this makes you nervous. See the film first and make the call about whether or not your kid is ready for this.

For many audiences, this will be a difficult film. This isn’t an obvious version of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. In a world where we’ve seen films like Ron Howard’s GRINCH and that abysmal CAT IN THE HAT adaptation – there’s a possibility that kids and many audiences are numb to a genuine and beautiful film about the very tough and difficult realities of childhood...

...This is a children’s film, like TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is a kids film. And TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is a great kids movie. One, that every parent should watch with their kid. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE could be an incredible film for you and your child. It could help you to understand & remember what it means to be a child. Not to look down at them, but to admire them. Because we were all there at some point...

Vern's review is here. The scariest part of his review is what WTWTA could have been had Hollywood been allowed to get thier mitts on it. Praise allah for Spike Jonze.

How is it possible that this movie was made with the voices of James Gandolfini, Chris Cooper and Forest Whitaker instead of Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg? Huh? Can we give Obama credit for this? It seems like a miracle to me. You know what the trailer would've been like: Starts out real dramatic, Harry Pottery orchestral score playing as the camera floats through a beautiful CGI ocean, onto an island, into a forest. The sound of giant feet plodding through dirt. The camera comes to the unmistakable shadow of a large, horned monster. Then...

"Wild thing. You make my heart sing. You make everything... groovy." The computer-animated wild thing leaps weightlessly in the air doing air guitar. Then a wacky record scratch and Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" comes on. And some sort of dated MATRIX reference maybe. Or American Idol. The wild things make little quips, puffs of smoke come out when they dart around waving their arms everywhere, and there's jokes about cell phone minutes or 401Ks or something. Ha ha, because why would a wild thing have a 401K. Funny stuff.

The teaser poster: white background. A wild thing standing with his arms folded like a lost member of Run DMC, wearing Snoopy Joe Cool sunglasses. Max next to him, similar pose, backwards baseball cap, skateboard in hand. Below that it says "BORN TO BE WILD."

You know this to be true. It's much, much more likely that that would happen than what we got from Spike Jonze. It's like that speech Dr. Nudity makes on Mars in WATCHMEN. Out of all the possibilites, for this to be the outcome is a miracle.

I can't wait to see this.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Coolest Show You're Probably Missing

Is on Fox, and it's called Glee. It's about a bunch of kids roped into a glee club that probably shouldn't be there, but the end result is incredible. It's like High School Musical in the REAL world. It's hilarious, and the music flat out ROCKS.

Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (one of my favorite songs, always give me goosebumps*):

Seriously, how much did that kick @$$? Almost makes me wish I was back in high school, doing the whole choir/men's glee all over again. Awesome times.

Heart's "Alone" (TV Version-shorter)

*man, I miss the '80's...

Monday, October 05, 2009

40th Anniversary of Monty Python's Flying Circus

In honor of the 40th anniversary of what turned out to be the funniest series ever aired, here's a few of my favorites:

The Parrot Sketch:

"He pining for the fjords!"

Dirt Hungarian Phrasebook:

"My hovercraft is full of eels!"

The Lumberjack Song: