Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Coolest Show You're Probably Missing

Is on Fox, and it's called Glee. It's about a bunch of kids roped into a glee club that probably shouldn't be there, but the end result is incredible. It's like High School Musical in the REAL world. It's hilarious, and the music flat out ROCKS.

Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (one of my favorite songs, always give me goosebumps*):

Seriously, how much did that kick @$$? Almost makes me wish I was back in high school, doing the whole choir/men's glee all over again. Awesome times.

Heart's "Alone" (TV Version-shorter)

*man, I miss the '80's...

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Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Nice. Caught a couple minutes of the show last week... mixed revies for me, probably didnt give it long enough... although one scene seemed VERY lipsynched... kind of made me not want to watch. Might have to give Glee another shot. We'll see...