Monday, April 24, 2006

Man Gets So Many Tickets He Crashes DMV Computer

An interesting way to avoid paying tickets: Get more of 'em.

Queensland, Australia's worst driver has racked up a surprising number of moving violations without losing his license. Over the past five years, Phillip Charles Mounfield earned 121 driving license demerit points from 75 tickets worth A$10,000 in fines. Under normal circumstances, a driver has his license suspended for three months if 12 points are accumulated within three years. Mounfield's infractions, however, were so numerous and rapid that the system could not keep up.

I like it.


Joni said...

andrew, this sounds like it should be your new life goal - to crash the tx dmv system. i'm afraid shelly would kill you if you tried this, though, so it would shorten your life, therefore making you less likely to reach your goal. maybe you should just leave it alone after all.

i do just want to make a comment commending you for the blog name change. you made an excellent choice, my friend.

Ryan said...

The name of the blog is definitely priceless..
Supposedly a lady in Houston just always went through the EZ tag lane on the toll road..
They figured the fines were at $18,000 ..she only has to pay 10%