Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Nuge Moves In Next Door!!!!

OK, not exactly next door, but pretty darn close.

Hard-rock guitarist Ted Nugent, so outrageous on stages around the world that he became known as “The Motor City Madman,” has bought the home of car dealer Allen Samuels in an upscale neighborhood of Waco near Ridgewood Country Club.

I love me some Nuge. He's one of the VERY few celebrities I would actually like to meet(in fact, he's one of TWO.) Here's some reasons why:

Politically conservative and a hard-core advocate of gun rights, Nugent has become as famous for his hunting exploits as his music. He owns several hunting-related businesses, and his TV show “Spirit of the Wild” has become one of the more popular programs on The Outdoor Channel. He also created a reality show titled “Surviving Nugent: The Ted Commandments.”

And one of his new neighbors is my dentist. Life is good.

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