Monday, June 05, 2006

Eat a Cookie, Get Suspended. Yeah, Makes Sense.

An 8th-grader in Virginia got suspended for one day and kicked off the baseball team for, get this, EATING A STAFF MEMBERS COOKIE. Yessir, Zero Tolerance is the way to go:

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A Henrico County eighth-grader was suspended from school for a day and kicked off the baseball team for eating a staff member's cookie.

Jeremy Maitland was in the Hungary Creek Middle School kitchen one day last month filling a water cooler for a baseball game. Caryl Maitland says her son told school officials that he ate a cookie after someone knocked over a cookie jar and he tried to pick them up.

She says the family received a letter from the assistant principal telling them the cookies were a staff member's personal food. Jeremy was disciplined under the school's theft code.

The boy's mother says she understands the boy had to be disciplined, but she says eating a cookie and taking someone's laptop computer should not warrant the same punishment. They've appealed the suspension.

Superintendent Fred Morton declined to discuss specifics but added that he reviewed the case and found the school's decision reasonable.

Of course, the staff member in question was this guy:

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