Friday, June 30, 2006

Transformers Movie Trailer is Up!

Transformers Website/Trailer

Sweet fancy Moses! I am SOOOO stoked for this! Bring me some giant freakin' robot goodness!


JTapp said...

Hmmm... Steven Spielberg signed off on it. Dreamworks... entertaining?... but I dunno.

Eventually I might try to make Joni watch the Transformers cartoon movie. She has childhood trauma from watching the cartoon. The whole computerized voice saying "robots in disguise!" was too scary for her, so she hated the show.

It'd be cool to have new versions of the toys re-released. That'd also probably drive up the market value of my old ones, which I'd probably look to sell while the hype was on.

So, I guess in that case everyone wins.

Joni said...

yes, he is correct. i have never seen an episode of transformers because i could never get past the opening song. i would run and hide under the bed when that creepy voice came on. i still get that nervous feeling in my stomach when i think about it. whoa, that must be some serious trauma. i don't know why it never occurred to anybody that i could just wait to come in the room until the song was over... i would definitely try watching the movie with my dear husband, though - it was a major part of his childhood. :)