Monday, September 18, 2006

The "Religion of Peace" Continues Being "Peaceful"

The Face of the Religion of Peace

So by now you know that the Pope has stepped in it. He quotes a predecessor from the middle ages, mentioning Islam while trying to make the point that violence is incompatible with the nature of God. What does the "Religion of Peace" do?

They respond by" peacefully" shooting a nun volunteering at a hospital in Somalia and setting crap on fire.

Honestly, is anyone surprised? Someone farts in the same room as the Koran and Muslims go ape $*#@ crazy with "peace". I grow weary of the manufactured"peace" at the slightest perceived offense to "Muslim sensibilities". What sensibilities? Every freakin' thing is an excuse to burn stuff and chop off people's heads, with very sharp implements of "peace". Anyone still think the West can resolve our differences with the Middle East through rational dialogue?

If we can't even speak openly and honestly to each other without Muslims thowing a temper tantrum like the spoiled rotten children of the world that they are, then what hope is there for rational conversation between the two cultures? Why should non-Muslims be forced to walk on egg shells and show all deference to Muslims when they consistently harass and persecute non-Muslims living among them?

Funk dat noise.

Muslims have about 300 more years of growth ahead of them before they're ready to participate in the affairs of the rest of the world.


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Well said Andrew. I can only imagine what would happen to me if I showed that sort of "peace" when I was upset! I wonder what acts of "peace" we can expect because of last nights Amazing Race? What a kind and loving religion.

Daniel said...

Hey bro,
That picture freaks me out everytime I look at it.

Your last paragraph pretty much sums up the whole issue, yet the freak of Iran (Alllalllaaaballyajad) claims that his country is prepared to "lead the world".

The civilized world must rise fromm it's slumber and obliterate the extreme Islamst scum bags.
I propose that every young American adult who does nothing to counter-act the Muslim crazies, doesn't care about his/her children and grandchildren.
If we do not stand up against the radicle islamists, our grand-daughters will be wearing burkas.
What kind of America will that be?

Daniel said...

Please pardon my spelling, this subject gets me so worked up I forget how to write.

But, why do I care.
In a few years we will all be speaking arabic.

Matthew J. said...

It's all been said. The only thing left for me to add to this is "Amen. Amen, amen amen." AMEN.

Matt said...

The Muslim response to the Pope's comments just proves his comments to be well as the Byzantine Emperor's that he quoted!

Matthew J. said...

I keep coming back to your site throughout the day to look at this picture. I love the rage in this guy's eyes. The irony is just too great. We couldn't have scripted this better. Pope quotes someone who says that Muslims are violent. Muslims prove they aren't violent by killing nun and calling for death of Pope. That's an Academy Award waiting to happen.

Greatmoose said...

You're right. The guy's eyes say it all. The sheer anger is almost overwhelming, especially considering he probably didn't even read the entire speech. What makes people THAT angry and hateful? People bash Christianity ALL THE TIME and we don't react like that. Honestly, the mind boggles.