Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP, Steve Irwin

Sad news today, Croc' Hunter Steve Irwin has died.

He was killed while filming some footage for a documentary.

Irwin was shooting a documentary on dangerous marine life, in shallow water at Bat Reef, about 32 nautical-miles offshore, at about 11am (AEST).

Footage of the attack shows Irwin swimming above a 2.5m stingray before it turns on him and sends a poisonous barb through his heart.

Irwin was pulled from the water by a cameraman and a crewman, put on an inflatable tender and taken to a support boat about 500m away.

A sad day, indeed.


shelly said...

Sad (and very scary!)

Matt said...

Sad. Especially for his family...two young kids and a wife.

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Horrible, horrible news. Im still in shock over this one. Heres hoping Croc Hunter was a christian so that we can enjoy his antics inside the pearly gates.

I for one am going to miss him.

Daniel said...

Yes, this is a very sad story, and yes, I did enjoy his shows...buuuut.....he did tease death daily. I mean, the guy hunted crocs, played with cobras, and died filming something called The Oceans most dangrous....or something like that.
Sure, it is sad, especially with the family losing their dad, but who didn't see it coming?

Matthew J. said...

Crikey! He will be missed.