Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Super Politic Ranting Time!

Thank goodness we have the federal government to protect us. Did you hear what they've done for us? They've made online gambling illegal. WHEW!! I can sleep soooo much better now, knowing that, well, this doesn't affect me at all. Wait a minute...

Is this really what the president and congress need to be spending thier time on? I mean, it's not like we have a WAR going on, or 3 school shootings in a WEEK! But as long as those "evil" online gambling sites are shut down, well, doesn't that just amke you FEEEEEEL better? Aren't you blessed, citizen? Your government is taking care of you, and making your decisions for you. Better now?

You know, the worst part of this is the "reason" they're doing it. I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. I'll wait...

What was your first thought? If you thought "It's for the children," you WIN!

“Children may play without verification, and betting with a credit card can undercut a players perception of the value of cash, which too easily leads to bankruptcy and crime,” Leach said.

"Won't SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN?!"


Oh, sorry, my BS detector just went off.

As conservatives, we're supposed to be against this stupid "nanny-state" type of legislation. I tell you, between this, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert (don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, blowhole), and other assorted crap, I've had it with the Republican party. Is there no where for a REAL conservative to turn? I don't want any of these buttnozzles in power. I need to go soak my head.


JTapp said...

Ponder this as you soak your head: This is one of the few really meaningful bills to come out this year.

Off-shore gambling is already considered illegal anyway. All you're doing is passing a law to enforce that legality: forbidding U.S. credit card companies (and banks) from transferring U.S. money to off-shore gambling websites. Many credit card companies have already done this (years ago).

What about PayPal? Is that covered under the bill?

Many people have now set up off-shore bank accounts to solve that loophole.

Important note is this: it applies to off-shore gambling sites. Apparently, U.S. casinos can host their own domestic sites... or at least the bill is neutral on this point. (Frist wanted to bar even domestic sites). The U.S. casinos were neutral on the bill.
Apparently, Congress sees online gambling as a $6 billion "leakage" from our economy via the capital account. It doesn't stop the leakage so much as it moves it around a little.

Domestic gambling doesn't do much other than transfer money from one location to another. This money gets taxed in the transfer and is therefore a "leakage" anyway.

My problem is this:
"gambling on horse-racing and state lotteries, which enjoy powerful political patronage, was exempted from the new bill."

We know gambling is harmful to a society. As one of my professor's research shows:
"the price tag of the social ills associated with gaming (are) about $3.10 for every $1 a casino takes in."
That's police, insurance, addiction-related costs. Essentially a tax on the society where a casino or racetrack is located.

But, you don't see any such "social ill" argument from state legislatures who are trying bring casinos to their states.

Conclusion: This bill, like most bills, doesn't actually do much. You can't stop people from gambling. You'd be better off heavily taxing the gambling transactions instead.

Pros: It'll keep kids from stealing their parents credit cards to gamble

Cons: Serious betters will set up accounts elsewhere. People will still gamble at casinos, business as usual.

Greatmoose said...

It's just aggravating that there is much more important work to be done, but since an election is right around the corner, we've go to do something to make the peons feel like we're taking care of them.

I just have a severe beef with gov't mandating what I can and cannot do with my money, especially if the activilty in question is not illegal, merely the method of delivery.

Matthew J. said...

We must form a new party. Perhaps the Intelligent Party. It must consist of only Statesmen (and Stateswomen, of course) and NO politicians. Only patriots need apply.