Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wha..? How the..? Are you kid...? HUH?!?!

Are you freakin' kidding me? Now we're treating them too NICE?!?!??!!

Offered a high-calorie diet and kept in their cells almost around the clock, many detainees at Guantanamo Bay are becoming fat.

Around the clock, except for the 12 HOURS that well-behaving detainees get to exercise!

The meals include meats prepared according to Islamic guidelines, fresh bread and yogurt. With nearly all detainees fasting in the daytime during Ramadan, authorities have arranged for two separate meals — a post-sunset meal and a midnight meal — to be delivered after dark. Traditional desserts and honey are served during the Ramadan observances.

I'm apoplectic. Really. I don't have the words. I blame Bush.


JTapp said...

"including access to treadmills, stationary bikes and other fitness equipment"

Methinks it's pointless to hold most of the 460. Why not put them to work? You could move them to Texas and have them help clean up the highways. That'd be exercise.

Daniel said...

Lets see;
The Muslim/Islamic 'detainees' are getting fat (or buff) on the American taxpayer's dime. Yet, the American taxpayer is the "Great Satan".... Yeah, I don't get it.
I agree with Jtapp, put 'em to work. Building a pig farm. Oh...umm...that was mean...I'm sorry.

Matthew J. said...

Yep. Bush's fault.