Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Disturbing Review of Happy Feet

Over at AintItCoolNews, Massawyrm (arguable the best reviewer AICN has) has posted a review of the new "family" penguin movie Happy Feet. Well, apparently the previews and trailers are lying to us. It's really a movie about the evils of religion and humans. You really need to read it. I know most of my readers don't have children, but it's important to know anyway. Here's an excerpt:

So my advice to those of you who are taking your kids anyway, prepare yourself for some questions. Be ready to explain the difference between faith and dogma when your kid asks why the parents wouldn’t believe Mumble about the aliens and why God said Mumble was bad for dancing. Prepare yourself to answer why it’s bad for all the big dumb predators to try and eat the penguins, but good for the penguins to chase down and kill schools of fish (I can help you with this one. The answer is: because the fish can’t speak, sing or dance – and human nature prevents us from killing or eating anything we consider to be adorable. It’s called Leary’s Law.) And finally, try to come up with an answer as to why it’s okay for the penguins to eat all the fish, but not for us to. Good luck with that one. Try Googling PETA and “Fish Are People Too.” I’m sure they have plenty of great material on the topic.

Oh, and BIG CONTENT WARNING. Massawyrm likes the F-bomb. You can tell when he's worked up, because it becomes very plentiful. Fair warning.


JTapp said...
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JTapp said...
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JTapp said...

Okay, so i won't actually add it to my list of subversive films unless I've seen it, but other (more positive) reviews I've read use some buzzwords like "tolerance" that perks my ears up for post-modern values.

But what would we expect with all of those Hollywood actors who did the voices?

A positive review (without all of the f-bombs) on the same site is found here:

"This is not a “kid’s film,” and I think that’s a good thing since films that pander to kids tend to insult them in equal measure. This film respects its audience to be able to have a complex reaction to something. Even kids."

Matthew J. said...

I saw this movie and I was totally uncomfortable. It wasn't even hinting at saying that religion is bad so much as it was outrightly trying to say it. And who did the penguins end up getting help from...the U.N.