Thursday, December 07, 2006

20 Ways To Be A Jack@$$ This Christmas

I personally subscribe to the "be a crotchity old scrooge all season" lifestyle, but this list is a good starting point. Really, the list as a whole isn't that funny, but a few are pretty good:

2: Knock over the neighborhood kids' snowman because ... well, just because. The world's a harsh place -- they might as well learn that now.

8: Re-gift back to the original giver. On purpose.


shelly said...

Man, it sure hurts when someone comes and destroys your snowman. Remember when a few guys came and destroyed the beautiful snowlady and snowman we built a few years ago? That was a fun day in February (well, until the buttheads destroyed our snowpeople!) Maybe we'll get a beautiful snow like that for Valentine's Day again!

dowen21 said...

I liked this one;

7: When Aunt Wilma arrives at the party carrying her antler-wearing toy poodle, tell her that she and the pooch are starting to look more alike.

It is cold hearted and cruel, but a puppy dog is involved, so it can't be that bad.