Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Worst Day Ever

My buddy Justin just sent me the funniest email I've read in quite some time. See, we're having this ice storm in central Texas and Baylor University (where we both work) likes to wait until 5:00am in the morning to decide whether to cancel or postpone classes or not. They decided to delay until 10:00. Here's J-Dawg's thoughts. Enjoy:

Hey, I've got a crazy idea. Let's open Baylor up at 10am today. Teachers and essential employees will have to come in earlier, of course, to get things ready, but I'm sure they won't mind standing out in the freezing rain trying to de-ice their cars. After all, how many of them don't have garages to park in? Probably just the grad students, but they'll be fine. And, let's let them drive down roads that the weathermen are calling "treacherous" and telling everyone to stay off of. It'll build character. After all, the slickest roads are the ones around Baylor anyway. We won't bother salting them, that would be a waste of precious time. We'll just let the teachers slip and slide on them enough to let them thaw out. We need as many as can come in early to come now since the weather is actually going to get worse by 10am. And let's let them see that the other school districts changed their minds about opening at 10am and instead decided to cancel. Those pansies, they act like they've never seen a winter storm warning and a freezing rain advisory before!

The worst day ever is today.

The good news: Baylor canceled classes about the same time I got this email.

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