Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh For Allah's Sake, Not Again!

And history repeats itself:

Durham police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a Duke University student at an off-campus party early Sunday morning.

According to investigators, the 18-year-old female told officers she was at the party in the 400 block of Gattis Street around 3 a.m. when she was allegedly raped in the bathroom. There were at least 50 people at the party at the time, police said.

Gee, where have we heard this before? $10 says one of 'em on the lacross team...


Well, they're not on the lacrosse team, but in this case the victim is white and the attacker is black. That sound you don't hear is Duke not saying a word. Where is the Group of 88? Where are the student protests? Where is Mike Nifong, Douchebag for Great Justice?

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Matthew J. said...

I'm on your side on that bet!