Saturday, February 03, 2007

WHOA. Across The Universe Trailer

I knew nothing about this movie before I saw the trailer on AICN. It's a musical (sort of) about some college dropout hippies. I think you all know my feelings on hippies.


The music for this is the Beatles. Not only that, they've gotten some VERY good performers to do the music. Check out the version of "Hey Jude" on the trailer, and tell me it doesn't capture the emotion of the original.


The first two-thirds of the trailer are pretty dull, but at 1:55, the whole thing changes. I did NOT see that coming. It's glorious. Definitely check this out.


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Ok, that looks crazy. Didnt see that ending coming. Very interesting.

Matt said...

It looks like some strange combo between Forrest Gump, Willy Wonka, and Andy Warhol.