Monday, March 12, 2007

Are You Experienced?

Are you a man? Do you know your stuff? Are you sure? Find out! Every man should take this test. Are you a well-rounded MAN? See how you measure up! The first time I took it, I got an 84. Took it again and got a 92. Then a 98. Soon, I will be a 100% man (the cuts of beef are kicking my butt). Let's see how you do!

Old Spice Experience

Oh, you'll need speakers or headphones for a few of the questions. Also, if you get a question right, you can click on the "More" link on the bottom right corner and it'll explain why the answer is right.

Good luck!

UPDATE! HA! 100%! I am a MAN! Ahoy!

NOTE: It took me 8 tries to get this far. I am ashamed.


JTapp said...

I got less than an 84. I scored very high in sports, society, and travel.

That survey is no holds barred.

Greatmoose said...

You're not kidding. It covers every conceivable situation, doesn't it?

Greatmoose said...

Oh, how'd you do on the beef cuts?

JTapp said...

"Old Spice performs in real man situations like basketball, recon, and frenching."-- their new commercial. Love it.

I did really badly on the beef cuts.

Joni said...

Just for kicks, I thought I would see how well I could do on the quiz. I think you'll all be pleased to know that I'm "a manfume-wearing sissy man." I got a 62%, which I think isn't so bad, seeing as I'm a woman. (It said the quiz average is a 68!) My top areas were music and travel. I didn't get even one beef cut right. :) Thanks for the fun, Drew!

Greatmoose said...

That beef cut thing is dang near impossible. Only reason I got it right was I'd done it 7 times already. Congrats, Joni! Now all you need is a hairy back!

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

58% on the first try, thats terrible, sissy man am I! 80% on second go around, plain vanilla! One day I hope to be an experienced man.... but... it seems near impossible.