Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm...So Very Sad...

Many of you don't give a fart in a windstorm about comics. Fine. Well, here's some news we should ALL care about.

Captain America is dead.

Rest in peace, Steve.


JTapp said...

Marvel is saying that only Steve Rogers is dead. Someone else will take up the Captain America mantle and keep it going.
Kind of like DC does every so often with Robin.
They're making a movie about Captain America, after all, so you can't just kill him off completely.

Dude was like 90 years old.

Greatmoose said...

Yeah, I know, but still... The rumor is that it may be the freakin' PUNISHER that takes over as Cap. If you've read any of the Civil War series (what led to Cap's death) you'll see why. The other option is Bucky (now known as Winter Soldier). Either way, it's cool, but dang it, I love me some Steve-O. Oh well, at least the "Ultimate" Cap is still alive and kickin' butt. I like him better anyway. He's more of a righty. The currently deceased Cap is kinda of a liberal weiner.

JTapp said...

Wow, I thought they killed off Bucky years ago. I'm sure they did. When did he come back?
The Punisher would not make a good Captain America.

Greatmoose said...

He came back in the recent Cap volume. According to the story, he was only mostly dead, unlike previously thought. He kinda became a bad guy for a while (the Soviet version of Captain America, Winter Soldier), and when Cap fought him, they both realized who he actually was. Pretty cool story.