Friday, March 23, 2007

The Saddest Story You Will Ever Read

I'm not kidding. Makes me wish I had a daughter so I could give her a hug. The amount of anger I'm feeling right now is almost overwhelming. I'll post some excerpts, but you need to read the whole thing. But be prepared: It will disturb you.

Later that night, McGonnell told police, he heard someone struggling to breathe and found Rebecca gurgling as if something was stuck in her throat. McGonnell told police he wiped vomit from his niece's face, then kicked in the door to her parents' room and yelled at the Rileys to take Rebecca to the emergency room.

Instead, Carolyn Riley said, she gave her daughter a half-tablet of Clonidine."

Rebecca died of a combination of Clonidine, a blood pressure medication Rebecca had been prescribed for ADHD; Depakote, an antiseizure and mood-stabilizing drug prescribed for the little girl's bipolar disorder; a cough suppressant; and an antihistamine. The amount of Clonidine alone in Rebecca's system was enough to be fatal, the medical examiner said.

SHE WAS FARKING 4 YEARS OLD!!! How could she possibly be diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder?! The doctor in this case needs to die in a fire along with parents. The only "justice" out of all of this is that they will hopefully spend some time in prison, being introduced to a whole new world of pain and fear. Daily. Repeatedly. See, even the most hardened criminals have a special disdain for "people" who hurt kids. Sorry, my rage is getting the better of me. I'll be back later...

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Daniel said...

All I can say is that these parents are not even worth burning. It would be a waste of a good match.