Thursday, January 24, 2008

BEHOLD! The Power Of The Intarwebs!

Some of you may know (or probably not, considering it's a non-controversy) about the so-called controversy over the computer game Mass Effect. Well, as our lovely media outlets just LOOOOVE to create a controversy where there is none, Fox News "interviewed" various people about the game (none of which ACTUALLY PLAYED IT!) The non-controversy stems from the fact this (Mature-rated, mind you) game has about 20 seconds of a "sex" scene between two characters (that only happens if you play the game exactly right). Of course, the people screaming about this haven't actually seen it, but I digress. It's nothing. I mean NOTHING. There's way more "sex" on "The OC" or "CSI" or even "Friends". Anyway, one of the people interviewed was a writer name Cooper Lawrence. She know NOTHING about the game. Behold what happened:

On a Fox News clip, self-proclaimed psychologist Cooper Lawrence shot her mouth off on a game she'd never played. (And most likely a game she'd never even heard of before she got on air.) Doing so, she not only exposed her own ignorance and prejudices, but also angered publisher Electronic Arts and the gaming community. As a sort of internet vigilante justice, the Amazon page for her new book The Cult of Perfection (the irony) is getting the crap spammed out of it. As of posting there are 330 reviews. 279 of those reviews are one star reviews.

And a link to the reviews: It's freakin' GLORIOUS!

Perhaps a little research next time, eh Ms. Lawrence? How about it, Fox?


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