Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baylor President John Lilley Fired!

Well, looks like Baylor needs another new president. Lilley was fired effective immediately, and the Regents picked Harold Cunningham as the acting president while they search for an interim president. From an email obtained this morning:

The Baylor University Board of Regents voted today to begin the search for a new University President. Board Chairman Dr. Howard K. Batson said the decision was necessary in order to unite Baylor’s many constituencies and move the University forward in its next period of growth and renewal. Batson said the move represents the Regents’ acknowledgement of a need for unifying leadership as Baylor strives to achieve its goals under Baylor 2012.

The Board had hoped to transition to a new president gradually, officially beginning the presidential search in January 2009 and eventually replacing Baylor President John M. Lilley during the final portion of his five-year contract. Because plans for a gradual transition were rejected by Dr. Lilley, the Board will immediately seek a new president...

...Harold Cunningham, a member of the Board of Regents who was previously board chair, will assume the role of acting president until such time as an interim president is named...

...It is expected that Cunningham will serve a brief period until an interim president is appointed. After an interim is chosen, the Board, in consultation with other constituencies of the Baylor family, will begin a comprehensive search for a new president.

Well, ain't that somethin'.

Lilley had a track record of fail, include such boneheadedness as:

1. Change the school colors from Baylor green and gold to Lilley's favorite shade of green and YELLOW
2. Change Baylor's football helmets from the interlocking BU to "BAYLOR" (Soooo much fail)
3. Change from Dr. Pepper to COKE
4. Spent more time in China than at Baylor during his presidency
5. The whole tenure debacle

Ok, a couple of those were rumors, but sound about right.

Maybe they can get Underwood back.


JTapp said...

Was the Dr. Pepper to Coke a rumor? Did they quit doing Dr. Pepper floats and switch to Coke floats??

Greatmoose said...

Well, it's hard to say. I can't find any solid evidence that he did in fact want to switch, but the rumors were THICK. And they're still doing DP floats (as God intended).

Zack said...

I heard about this the same day it happened and it made for an even better day. I'm glad they're getting rid of him and yeah, Underwood wouldn't be to bad, or at least he would find it hard to look bad after Lilley