Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Thoughts On The Obamessiah's Oratory Last Night

Great speeches do not a great president make. But apparently that's all people want these days. It was nothing but platitudes and unfulfillable promises. Such as:

More money for teachers:

Makes sense. You can obviously turn bad teachers into good ones by paying them more money...wait. Well, you can attract better teachers by offering more money....but the union won't let you fire the current teachers, so....wait. Anyway, it should be easy for the federal government to up their salaries since most teachers are federal employees.....uh, never mind.

Cut taxes for 95 percent of all working families:

Super. After all, we can't get rid of any of our wasteful spending, so we'll just tax the bejeezus out of the those nasty rich people. I mean, they didn't do anything to deserve their money anyway.

Make cars more affordable:

Because that pesky free-market thing just won't do!

Hope, change, changes, hopes, hopefully changing hopeful change:

I think I farted a rainbow.

This country deserves better than Obama OR McCain.

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