Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thank Goodness We Passed That Bailo...Oh, Wait

Dow dropped 679 to below 9000. Thanks, "President" Bush and Congress!

Wait, wasn't this exactly what the "bailout" was supposed to avoid? I KNOW my government would NEVER lie to me, so what's going on?

Know what, I don't even care about the curse word. In a bad mood today. I know that stocks are essentially on sale right now, but still. We paid $850,000,000,000 for THIS?


JTapp said...

I'll probably write a post on this tomorrow. A lot hinges on an auction tomorrow of Lehman Brothers bondholders who bought credit default swaps. If that auction goes badly, then "this sucker could go down." In either case, Treasury hasn't even begun to really spend their allotted money yet.

This won't be over next week or next month or 6 months from now. It's about to get really bad in America.

Zack said...

It's ok, I think I'll just hide up with my Saiga for awhile - you know, in case the zombies come too. Cause you know these things always go from bad to worse