Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Droppings Post

I'll update this thread periodically with thoughts on what happened last night, and what it might mean for America. First, even though I didn't vote for him, I'm kinda proud of Obama. He's done what I never thought I'd see. Here's hoping that he can put to bed the whole "racist America" thing. Maybe now african-americans won't feel so put upon. I mean, Obama's supposed to be the one that's going to change everything for them, so if he doesn't pull it off, it's not whitey's fault. MissSpeech gave that little insight this morning (she's so smart). I'll say this: until he does something unconstitutional and/or morally wrong, I will support him. He is our President, and deserve a certain amount of respect. But the GreatMoose will be watching.

Heck, maybe it's a good thing. He's made a whole bunch of people very happy, and honestly, democratic presidents don't really bother me. What bothers me is the democrat controlled congress. THAT's a problem. Hopefully it'll get fixed in 2010. It's been said that the best government for the US is a democrat president and republican congress, and I tend to believe that. Remember, Republicans are usually better when we're NOT in power. We're more cohesive, have better ideas, and get more done.

On checking the various websites this morning, I came across this cartoon. It struck me pretty hard, but I think it has a great message:

It's going to be OK, folks. Let's see what this guy can do.

Another good one:


JTapp said...

Someone sent me a link to the Waco Trib with a video talking about the "tensions" at Baylor last night and a near fist-fight. Stories of students burning Obama signs and someone hanging up a noose. See any of that?

Greatmoose said...

What?! No, I hadn't heard/seen any of that. That's farking ridiculous.

Zack said...

yeah I saw that. It's blown way out of proportion. What all you hear happened didn't happen. Just some of it.