Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama Shows Some Potential

Ugh, it almost made me vomit to say that, but The Chosen One has done something (or will do, hopefully) something right. He's come out in favor of Net Neutrality. Now, you might be thinking, "GreatMoose, why in the name of Posiedon's Crusty Beard would I care?" Well, the answer citizen, is that without Net Neutrality, we could potentially wind up with internet access (arguably the most important utility we have) looking something like this:

So, now you're thinking, "GreatMoose, I still don't care." Well, you should. Your blog with those pictures of your new baby? Sorry, no one will ever see it, unless you pony up the dough. Your favorite obscure website with funny movies or comics? Buh-bye. That little e-store that only you know about (but has some KILLER deals on shoes/DVDs/bling)? Be like it never existed in the first place. Unless they pay up, that is. You see where I'm going with this?

Essentially what net Neutrality does is codify into law something that has been understood amoung Internet Service Providers since the internet (thanks, Al Gore!) began: The ISPs carry eachothers' data, and don't play favorites. It's a freedom of information thing, and it's important.

Seriously, look at that picture again and think about it. How scary is THAT?

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