Tuesday, March 03, 2009


When I first heard they were making a new Terminator film, I was like: "Eh, OK. Couldn't be any worse than the last one." Then I heard McG was directing. I thought, "Oh, maybe it can." Then the first trailer leaked. I was all "Hmm, maybe this won't be TOO bad." Well, now the second theatrical trailer has leaked. Now I'm all "OMGWTFBBQ! That was a bag full of win and awesome!"

Here it is in all it's HD glory: Terminator: Salvation

Now THAT's a trailer, my friends.


Joey said...

I will whole-heartedly agree that this trailer does have a lot of awesome in it.

But until initial reviews come out, as far as I'm concerned, the stank of McG is hard to ignore.

And even though it looks like a cool scene, what's with the BSG like twist that a skin job doesn't know he's a terminator? We haven't come across a terminator before that wasn't keenly aware of his origins and objectives.

All this being said, for the sake of the Terminator legacy, already tarnished by a non-Cameron attempt, I hope it doesn't suck.

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

That looks fairly tasty. However I am a bit miffed with Senior Bale at the moment for his recent explosion on the lighting guy. I dont know, just feel a need to stick up for the little guy right now. So... maybe Im on a Christian Bale strike for now.

And plus, whats Terminator without Arnold?