Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Was digging through some old music the other day, and came across what in retrospect would be quite possibly the best rock song of my high school days. Granted, in the mid-90's there was a LOT of good rock: Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, REM, Radiohead, real U2, and a host of others. One that gets overlooked a lot (but is enjoying a resurgence recently) is Weezer. Thier "blue album" is one of the best rock albums front-to-back ever produced. Buddy Holly, Say It Ain't So, The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, and finally Undone - The Sweater Song all contribute to what is a fantastic pure rock album. So with that, I give you:

This was filmed in one unbroken take, and directed by Spike Jonze (the director of the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are). He's pretty dang good.


Encore: Here's Buddy Holly, just for funsies:

And the Pork and Beans video, featuring spoofs (sort of) of some of the best viral videos of the past couple years. If you're an internet junkie, you'll love it.


Joey said...

Agreed....Blue album is timeless. TIMELESS!!!

JDTapp said...

"Lying on the floor!!!! Lying on the floooor! I've come undone!" was a favorite to scream very loudly in the car in those days.

Whatever happened to them? A lot of good Christian alternative bands in the 90s too that are gone now. To me, music finished its slow death right around 2003.

Now I only listen to NPR.