Thursday, December 03, 2009

Apparently, You Have To Go To Iceland For Good Music

That's right, Iceland. See, there's this band called Sigur Ros, and they create these incredibly beautiful, very haunting songs. Some of thier songs are sung in Icelandic, and just because, the rest are sung in a language that the band completely made up. I can't tell the difference between the two, and it's really not important. The important part is the music. The style is unlike pretty much anything else, and not usually something I would enjoy. But thier stuff is incredible. The lead singer's high falsetto, the band's use of background noise, and thier musical integration is fascinating. Thier music is designed to provoke intense emotional reactions in listeners, and it works. It's not "easy" music by any means, it takes some work to listen to, but it's 100% worth it. Here's a video for one of my favorite songs of thiers, Glosoli:

And another version with Scripture added, that really adds something, I think.

That's the other thing: thier videos are works of art. there's another, called Hoppipolla, which is frickin' sweet. Love the old people going all childlike mayhem. For some reason, youtube can't embed it, so here's a link and then a crappy MTV embed:

They also hold the title of most depressing song ever (even though you can't understand it).

Actually, maybe save Hoppipolla for last, since it's pretty happy.


JDTapp said...

Isn't it odd how our tastes change as we get old.

Greatmoose said...

Ha! Indeed sir, indeed.