Friday, April 28, 2006

On the May Day "Boycott"

Can I just say how ridiculously stupid the whole idea is? If you're just now coming out of your cave (or your mother's basement) and have no idea what I'm talking about, a quick recap:

"Pro-immigration" activists (read: pro-ILLEGAL immigration apologists) are planning on staging a massive "boycott" on Monday to demand amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens living in this country. The idea is for supporters to stay home, not go to school (illegal), not go to work (easy way to get fired, but don't worry, I'm sure you'll sue), not sell anything (easy way to lose money, but don't worry, I'm sure the gov't will bail you out), and not buy anything for a day (you'll just buy it tomorrow, moron).

Apparently nobody involved in this has a functioning brain stem. I'll explain:

1) They're advocating breaking the law (not sending kids to school)
2) They're risking losing their jobs
3) They're supporting other people breaking the law
4) They're intentionally trying to hurt our economy. Not the best way to win over Joe and Jane Sixpack.
5) If a participant doesn't buy a ladder on Monday, he'll just go buy it on Tuesday. So, he's still spending the same money.
6) This is same logical fallacy that the folks that advocate "boycotting" gas stations for a day fall into. If they don't buy it today, they'll just buy it tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm really curious as to what reaction LULAC et al are expecting us normal citizens to have. I certainly don't support them anymore than did before (which was ZERO), adn anybody they hurt in the process is likely to lose sympathy for them.

Brain-deadness makes me sad.


Daniel said...

Hey bud,
I like the way you think.
Take care.

Matthew J. said...

Big deal. So no one is going to mow or work on roofs on Monday. I think our economy will survive. Hey! Let's go spend OUR money on Monday to offset their protest. Yeah, that's the ticket! They don't spend their money here anyway; they send it back to Mexico. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!

shelly said...

Man, they should all just go back where they came from.