Friday, May 12, 2006

I have a man-crush: John Stossel

All I can say is: MORE COWBELL!!!!

Where are the bodies?

For years, reporters have been alerting America to one scare after another. Chemicals, cell phones, SARS -- everything is going to kill us! You would think by now we'd be doing nothing but digging graves.

Instead, Americans are living longer than ever. Not that you'd ever know that from the mainstream media.

So let's grab a shovel to clear away the nonsense and dig out the truth: Myths, lies and stupidity are often the basis of today's scary news stories.

I refused to do most of those stories. If one-tenth of what the reporters suggested was happening did happen, there would be mass death. The opposite is true: Despite exposure to radiation and all those nasty new chemicals, Americans today live longer than ever.

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Daniel said...

Judging by Stossel's writings, he is a cool guy...but...his mustache really freaks me out.

JTapp said...

I'm currently reading his previous book on how he became the scourge of the liberal media. Good free-market economic thinking.

I was saddened by his #1 on his program last night, however. Jeffery Sachs is a good economist, and agrees with Stossel on more than he knows. Sachs is doing good things, and not advocating throwing money at African governments. Stossel sort of made light of the progress being made in a Kenyan village. The Economist did a story last week with updates on how well that village is doing. Sachs is saving hundreds of lives.

Other than that, Stossel is on point. He's also honest enough to admit when he's wrong, if you can prove it to him.

My favorite quote was Milton Friedman saying "Price gougers should all be given medals!"

Matthew J. said...

I thought I was your man crush! I'm going to go pout now.

Joni said...

oh no! now there are 2 guys in our lifegroup who have man-crushes on john stossel! (my husband being the first.) maybe we should choose his new book as our next topic of study...