Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have FENCE!

No quite The Wall I was hoping for, but it's a start:

...the Senate had voted 83-16 in favor of construction of the [370 mile] fence and 500 miles of vehicle barriers, the first significant victory in two days for conservatives seeking to place their stamp on the measure.

I remain impressed that we got this far.


Matthew J. said...

I won't be impressed as long as it's still on paper. Show me the wall, I show you impressed.

JTapp said...

Meanwhile defense contractors line up to bid on all of the technology needed to create a "virtual fence" on the rest of the border. Sounds like a job for Halliburton!

Seriously, you build you 3 layers of fence topped with razor wire, put a few sensors on the ground to detect tunneling, patrol it with a few agents and dogs, and you've got a really cheap, effective detterant. That's how we build prisons and it works. Why is this so hard to do on the border?

Greatmoose said...

Because it might hurt thier feelings...

Daniel said...

When one has something that is valuable, he will protect it. In some ways, the value of "something" can be estimated, quite accurately, by how well it is protected, or defended.
Look at Ft. Knox.
How about your local bank?
Each and every one of us locks his or her car, sometimes even when it is in our own driveway. I lock the doors on my house every night, and "patrol" each room, checking that the windows are locked. My house is valuable to me and I want to preserve it's integrity.
How much more the borders of my Nation?
When I look at the utter lack of security on Nations southern edge, it makes me think that average Americans don't value what they have anymore.
Has America made Freedom too cheap? I think so, and for once, I hope I am wrong...

Greatmoose said...

D, if it's alright, I'm going to copy your post to the main page. Nicely put, my friend.

Daniel said...

Feel free my friend.

I have strong feelings about this subject, and I hope whoever reads what I have written can feel my passion.

Now I am getting all touchy feely, and that is icky, so do what you wish with my