Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quote of the Day

Via RightWingNews:

"In place of "Land for Peace," the Israeli political activist and columnist Yael Amishav (who happens to be married to my father) suggests a new concept of "Land for Terror." For each terror attack across the border, Israel will seize more land --- establishing a publicly declared ratio of acres-per-casualties. The seizures must be firm, decisive and immediate-- and long term, if not permanent. "The Land for Terror" concept guarantees negative consequences for outrageous behavior. If Palestinian leaders refuse to rein in the terrorist mass murderers, then they will see their little empire (established by Oslo) begin to shrink, piece by piece. It's not a pretty concept, or an easy one to enforce. But "Land for Terror" makes more logical sense than "Land for Peace." -- Michael Medved

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JTapp said...

Baaaaad idea. The whole reason Israel left Gaza was for international recognition and to reclaim the moral high ground. What they need now is the international community to recognize this and to influence Hamas to give up the hostage. Re-claiming Gaza land will only lead to all-out war.