Thursday, July 13, 2006


Via well, every news source.

It looks like Israel is on the brink of going to full war against hezbollah and hamas, and the nations that harbor them. It's about time. Ace had some good thoughts on this yesterday:

Muslim nations wax poetic about "sovereignty" when action is taken against them, but "sovereignty" isn't all rights. It also encompasses responsibilities. Such as not allowing your land to be used as a safe-haven for psychopathic paramilitary groups.

Either you're permitting the paramilitaries to operate on your soil, in which case you are engaged in an act of war yourself, or else you can't police your land to stop such paramilities, in which case you don't really have "sovereignty" over your land at all and can't really complain if, say, Israeli invades. If other armed groups are using your land as a murder-playground, hey, you really can't complain if one more group of armed men comes in, can you?

The US faced "indpendently operating" troops making violence on it from Mexico, and we responded by invading Mexico. The "Punitive Invasion," it was called, back when people were ballsy enough to use the proper words for things.

I personally have been amazed at Israel's restraint up to this point. At some ppoint, though, you have to actually stand up to the bullies and say "No more." It's time for Israel to do something "Punitive".

Hezbollah is trying to move the kidnapped Israeli soldiers to Iran, and if that happens, this become a regional, if not world, war.

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JTapp said...

I guess if the hostages go to Iran then Israel can blow up Iran's nuclear facilities and solve that problem for us.... That's a "perfect world" scenario for Dick Cheney.

I wish the international community would get off its butt and realize that Israel has the right-of-way here. Maybe the G8 summit will do that?