Monday, August 21, 2006

Hellboy 2 Script Review

Apparently, this is going to be freakin' awesome! I was a YOOOOGE fan of the first one, but thought it ended kind of abruptly. The whole Hellboy franchise is extremely cool (not to mention, it'll preach), and this sequel looks like it should improve on the first in every way. Love me some Ron Perlman. Anyway, here's some excerpts(via

It’s taken a couple of years, but Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of Mike
Mignola’s comic book Hellboy is finally getting a sequel, and this time the
movie really ups the ante. The opening pages of the script
feature more action than most movies this year – and that’s before the credits

...When a Manhattan auction house is attacked by a sword-wielding elf and a troll, the event serves as Hellboy’s coming out party. While battling a flesh eating mass of tooth fairies – they’re creepier than they sound! – Hellboy manages to take the fight to a crowd of reporters, where he and the BPRD are completely outed. Cue the opening credits!

Loved this part:

Being public brings new problems to the team as they deal with autograph hounds, hate mail and an appearance on Jay Leno.

Can't wait!


Matt said...

This make me happy and sad.

Happy: I liked the flick too!

Sad: I won't get to go on a man date with teh Moose to see it...

Greatmoose said...

Ah, the man-date. I miss those...