Friday, August 18, 2006

Snakes On A %@#$@& Plane!

Oh yes, Snakes On a Plane is out. It's Sam Jackson at his butt-kickin' best. A movie with little to no plot, a cheesy premise, and the BEST FREAKIN' TITLE EVER!!! It is what it is, you know? Part spoof, part action, part horror, part comedy, all SAM JACKSON! Oh, and the premier at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin had LIVE RATTLESNAKES in the THEATRE while the movie was playing. Sweet! Can't wait to see it!

UPDATE: Snakes on a plane has now made the Urban Dictionary. The first definition (language warning):

A simple existential observation that has the same meaning as "Whaddya gonna do?" or "Shit Happens". Taken from the upcoming Samuel L. Jackson movie of the same name, and immortilised by screenwriter Josh Friedman on his blog post of Wednesday, August 17, 2005.

Guy 1: (irate) Dude, you just ran into the back of my SUV!

Guy 2: (calm) Snakes on a plane man. Snakes on a plane.
I think the world just became a better place.


shelly said...

This is definitely one I will NOT see with you!

Greatmoose said...

Aw, come on! It's Samuel L. Jackson beatin' the snot out of a bunch of snakes! What's wrong with that?

Matt said...

If I were still in TX I would go see it with you!

On a side is the life of an IT at a big instituion after the big Dell recall was announced?

You were the first person I thought of.

Greatmoose said...

Honestly, it hasn't really been that big a deal. Think of how many laptop Dell, Apple and Sony have sold over the past 5 years, and this only affect a tiny percentage of them In fact, I have yet to actually see a recalled battery. I think we've only had a handful on campus. The media made a MUCH bigger deal than was called for. Of course, any chance to bash a big business and they'll jump. Oh well...

Matt said...

Well that's good.

I can sleep better now.

JTapp said...

Apparently Samuel L. Jackson took the part as soon as he saw the title of the film. He didn't even read the script beforehand. When the producers tried to actually change the name of the film, he went midevil on them and reminded them that the only reason he wasted his time on the film was because it was called "snakes on a plane."

Greatmoose said...

Yeah, I'd heard that, too. Gotta love Sam's style.

Matthew J. said...

I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

Daniel said...

Who can be sarcastic when speaking of freaking snakes on a plane?
I mean, sheesh, 'snakes on a plane dude, snakes on a plane'.
[What feaks me out is the idea of being in an enclosed space, with a bunch of snakes.]
/Oh yeah
//snakes on a PLANE
///(an airplane that is)
////slashies killing me, gotta go.