Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Chosen Few

John Milius (Apocolypse Now, Red Dawn, Clear and Present Danger) is set to write the screenplay for the upcoming Korean War film The Chosen Few. The movie is about the Chosin Reservoir battle, and promises to be VERY accurate, gleaning information from survivors and research from the Department of Defense. Here's the blurb:

Writer-director John Milius will pen Korean War pic "The Chosen Few" for Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban's 2929 Entertainment.
Script will be based on Defense Dept. analyst Julie Precious' story "Task Force Faith," which recounts the Chosin Reservoir Battle.
During the battle, a group of 2,500 undertrained and ill-equipped U.S. Army soldiers, along with 15,000 Marines, fought back against the surprise attack of more than 100,000 Chinese troops. After several days of fighting in subzero temperatures, the efforts of the soldiers allowed the Marines to battle their way out.
"For many years, these U.S. Army troops were thought to have 'cut and run' and were shunned for cowardice, while the Marine troops received a Presidential Unit Citation, but over the years, a group of survivors and historians fought to shed a light on what really happened during this battle," Wagner said.
"Chosen Few" is a passion project for Wagner, who will produce with 2929 prexy Marc Butan and Kent Kubena. Precious, an Army veteran and former Korean analyst, will be an associate producer.

I should add that I am particularly attached to this story, as both my grandfather and MissSpeech's grandfather fought in Korea. Additionally, Papa Tom (MissSpeech's grandfather) a Marine, fought IN THE CHOSIN BATTLE! He is one of the "Chosen Frozen", as they became known. He tells some pretty hair-raising stories about it. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Hopefully, it'll have the respect and gravity that is demanded for veterans of "The Forgotten War".

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JTapp said...

I read "Retreat, hell!" when I was a youngster. Much of it was on the Choisin. Pretty cool that you've got first-hand stories. If anything needs a movie made about it, it's Korea.