Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good Idea: Mandatory Gun Ownership

Glenn Reynolds has an article publish on the NYTimes about some cities new mandatory gun ownership ordinances. Sayeth the GreatMoose: Superb idea.

Last month, Greenleaf, Idaho, adopted Ordinance 208, calling for its citizens to own guns and keep them ready in their homes in case of emergency. It’s not a response to high crime rates. As The Associated Press reported, “Greenleaf doesn’t really have crime ... the most violent offense reported in the past two years was a fist fight.” Rather, it’s a statement about preparedness in the event of an emergency, and an effort to promote a culture of self-reliance.

I think that last part may be the most important: Self-reliance. We should not HAVE to wait on the police to handle a problem. Look at Katrina. Half the police abandoned the town anyway, the ones that were left could do nothing about all the crime. Sometimes you gotta handle it yourself.

My recommendation: The Saiga-12 12-gauge shotgun

It's a great zombie-killin' tool. Also shoots skeet really well!

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