Friday, January 12, 2007

It's like Nifong is mooning the system...

I haven't posted on the Duke "Not-A-Rape" debacle yet, but I figure now's a good time to update everybody (a good site for all things case related). Anyway, the "victim" has now changed her story so many times it's amazing the case hasn't been thrown out yet. The prosecuter, Mike Nifong, has destroyed these poor guys' lives, and has yet to get into any trouble at all. A great recap of all the absurdity is here and here.

A Duke law professor, James Coleman asked in an interview for News & Observer that "Who would believe that a witness, nine months later, suddenly recalls facts that coincidentally negate evidence produced by the defense?" He suggested that it's time to start investigating Nifong for crimial behavior (DUH!). "These people are almost criminal. It's making a mockery of the system. It's like Nifong is mooning the system. It's contemptuous."

Looking through all the evidence and testimony, there is no freakin' way these three boys are guilty. It's pretty clear that the "victim" is a lying whore. And so is DA Nifong. Sorry, but it had to be said.

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