Friday, April 13, 2007

UPDATED: My First Attempt

Well, I've gone and done it. I am now a true internet geek. Thank the Lord I'm married, 'cause after this, well...(thanks, Shel!) Anyway, what'd I do? I made an AMV (animated music video). All by myself. Took me about 8 hours, on and off. It sucks, but it's my first try, so hopefully I'll get better. If you've ever seen an AMV, whether on this blog or anywhere else, let me tell you: They are NOT easy!! The timing's a bit off, and I couldn't figure out how to remove the subtitles, but since some of the words fit the song, I figured I wouldn't stress too much about it. The song is Broken by Scott Stapp, who used to be the lead singer for Creed, but is doing his own thing now, mainly Christian-themed stuff. And the anime featured is (what else?) Evangelion.

I think most of my readers know how much I love me some Eva, and how moving and thought-provoking (not to mention mind-bending!) it is. To me, the song really fits what the characters have gone through in the series. All of them, by the end of the show, have been utterly broken in just about every way. The things they go through are more than most anyone could handle (and most of the characters don't handle it successfully). Remember, this series is about the end of the world, and finding who you are when EVERYTHING is gone. It's really quite incredible.

I remember the first time I finished the series and End of Evangelion (the ending movie), I was depressed for a week. I've never had any form of "entertainment" (or anything else, for that matter), affect me like that. It was interesting, because the next time I watched the whole thing, I had a completely different take on it. There is a message of hope buried in there, and after you invest some time into the motives behind the anime, it really starts to shine through.

Somehow, I was able to finish it without using any footage from End Of Evangelion, but don't worry, that'll come in another one later. Anyway, give a listen, let me know what you think. I am a big fat dork.

I figure I MIGHT have four readers that will give hoot about this (Joey for the video, Jodie for the song, Doc, 'cause well, he's Doc, and MissSpeech, 'cause she has to!), but it's MY blog, dang-it! And I worked hard on this, so PBBBBBTTTTT!!! Anyhoo, the next one will probably be Last Exile, but I'm not sure yet. Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Added a little bit more info above as to why I chose this song and anime.

Oh, and if you have the time (26 30-minute episodes, 2-hour movie, and countless hours of interweb reading), and you think you've got the mental and emotional fortitude, I HIGHLY recommend experiencing this series. You can borrow my copy if you need to (I know where you live!)


Anonymous said...

Very creative and interesting
great music choice too
You are not a dork !!!
when can we expect the next installment?
Great Job!

Greatmoose said...

Hey, thanks a lot! Honestly, it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I enjoyed it, though. I figure I can another one up in a couple of weeks. It'll probably be another Evangelion, as that's what I've got ripped right now. I'd like to do some Last Exile vids, but I'm low on HDD space. Hopefully soon. Thanks for the comments!

Greatmoose said...

Oh, BTW, introduce yourself! It's always nice to meet new people! Cheers!

JTapp said...

That was pretty dang cool. No idea how you did it, but obviously took a lot of effort to pick the right scenes and such. I just tried to ignore the subtitles, wasn't too bad. I liked the ending the best.

Greatmoose said...

Thanks, Justin! Glad you enjoyed it. I think I've figured out how to remove the subtitles (now that it's finished, of course).

shelly said...

Good job honey! You're so smart:)

Anonymous said...

You did a good job daddy!


Jackie said...

Very cool- and the song is cool too- never heard it before. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blogs, but it isn't the same as if I were to hear your ranting in person with your great expressions and laugh! We miss our Waco homies!

Greatmoose said...

Hey Jackie! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it. Nice to know somebody appreciates my rants for what they are: pure genius. I keed, I keed! Hope to see you guys soon!

Greatmoose said...

Thanks MissSpeech and Kaiser! Glad you enjoyed it. Luv you guys, too!

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Nice work Drew, I have never seen anything like that before, seems you did a right fine job.

Greatmoose said...

Muchas Gracias, El Doctor Del Gato Grande! Glad you liked it. I've actually got 4 more planned, hopefully start releasing them in the next few weeks. I've got planned a vid focusing on each of the main Eva characters (Shinji, Rei, and Asuka), each with a different song that (I hope) fits each character. Of course, me and Joey are the only ones who have seen the series (as far as I know, if anyone else has, LET ME KNOW!), so if it don't fit, no one else will know. ;)