Tuesday, April 17, 2007

See? Gun Bans Work! Wait...

You all probably know by now of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. In short, some whack job started shooting at students on VT's campus this morning, killing (so far) 32 people. It started around 7:30am, and the VT locked down the campus. Well, they then lifted the lock down, and the guy started shooting again. He eventually killed himself. He will not be missed.

Normally, one would hope we could at least have a couple of hours to grieve and/or honor the dead, but the media is already looking for the boogyman in this, so here we are:

The point of this post is to bring to light this particular topic: Firearms are banned on all campus grounds at Virginia Tech (and every other school in the US, for that matter). Imagine how low the death toll would have been had any of the students been armed. It's hard to stalk room to room gunning people down when the room starts firing back.

Gun control favors shootings such as this. Criminals and the insane will have access to weapons no matter how many stupid laws are passed against it. Gun control simply takes away the public's ability to defend itself, and turns citizens into targets.

End rant for now. There's many, many things to discuss about this sad event (such as why students were notified that a killer was loose 2 hours after the shooting started.) We'll get to that later.

EDIT: As usual, Fark.com has served up a picture that sums up the aftermath of this nicely:

BONUS!: Dr. Phil blames all of this on...wait for it...video games!. I hate Dr. Phil.

Although, Tetris does make me get all stabby and stuff...


JTapp said...

Yes, the debate has been taken up quickly. I was seeing "should we have more gun control?" headlines even just after the 1st shooting in both NY Times and CNN. Someone seems to be pushing the debate, probably because it hasn't been brought up in this election yet.

You might like the Dennis Prager show over at townhall.com.

Man is depraved and sinful. Gun control or no, video games or no, it wouldn't change the evil that lives in the hearts of men.

shelly said...

I heard an interview this morning with a professor from Virginia Tech. This crazy woman said that if gun control were enforced on the campus that this never would have happened. Uh, yeah right. This guy was obviously out of his mind and there was no way anything was going to stop him...(except maybe someone else with a gun.)

Ryan said...

I will concede that if we would have gun control he might have not shot people.....I think he might have used a bomb or something else.
The man was CRAZY!!

I also love how the BBC and English media are up in arms (pun intended) about gun control..

They are the reason that we even have the right ot bear arms!!