Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 Review

From Ain't It Cool. There's actually like 6 or 7 reviews over there (I like Massawyrm's the best), but Harry's has the best summation, I think. I am so freakin' pumped for this movie. The first two are by far two of my favorite movies, as to me they set up a series that actually brings the magic back to Hollywood. For far, FAR too long, we have had so many hollywood movies that promised the movie magic of the past, and they ALL have failed to deliver (I'm looking at YOU, Matrix trilogy). Nothing in the past two decades save for Indiana Jones has given us what we really want in a movie epic: Awe. To me, the Pirates trilogy does that. It gives us the magic and sheer JOY of the original Star Wars trilogy. It delivers the adventure of the Indy movies. It brings the magic back to hollywood. Anyway, I recommend reading some of the reviews (if you can stand the salty language). Here's the end of Harry's review:

This is an amazing film.

And how does it work for – oh – let’s say a nearly 7 year old?

I took my nephew tonight – he’s been looking forward to it for… well, since the last film. The film never lost him, often times had him laughing gleefully and thrilling at each turn. After it was all over, I asked him if he liked it, he corrected my adjective by saying he LOVED it. And was so captivated by the film, that although he lost his front top tooth during the movie, he held on to it and didn’t even make mention of it, till the film was over. As he looked at me after the film and smiled that hilarious toothless grin of a child growing up, I could only envy the eyes with which he enjoyed this film.

For him, he could still grow up to be a pirate, to swashbuckle and derring-do. The world is filled with wenches and treasure and amazing creatures. There’s a wonderful scene on a beach in this film, with an astonishing creature washed ashore. Barbossa looks upon the creature and says something to the affect, that the world is getting smaller. To which Jack looks at the creatures lifeless body and says with an unmistakable feeling of regret, “No, the world is still the same, there’s just not as much in it.” Or something close to that.

I love that this film series exists, because as long as Jack Sparrow swigs some rum and navigates with his silly compass and continues to sail the seas – the world has some magic in it – and so do we. This is magic.

You know, it's funny. When the first movie (The Curse Of The Black Pearl) came out, I wasn't too excited. I mean, it's pirates (boring), and it's based off of a ride at Disneyland! How good could it be? But ever since the first movie introduced Jack Sparrow (sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow) by having him arrive in port on a sinking (nay, SUNK) ship, I've been in love with the Pirates. Even if you have ZERO interest in pirates or ghost ships or what-have-you, I highly recommend seeing these movies. You will NOT regret it. Ahoy!


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Agreed, one of the best trilogies ever. It's funny, the first one came out right before Marleene and I got married, and we were going to the Caribbean for our honneymoon... and we actually saw one of the boats (excuse me, ships) used in the movie while on our honneymoon. Pretty cool. I am stoked for this new one, it should be awesome.

JTapp said...

I went and watched the Rambo clip. He's old, a little fatter, and definitely demented. You're right, it looks more like a horror film.

You mentioned Star Wars-- there's a blurb in this week's BusinessWeek.
Lucas just made $200 million last week by selling Hasbro warrants they gave him rights to purchase 9% of Hasbro's shares. This on top of the Postal Service deal this year.

It also mentions that Lucas is planning 2 new TV shows based on Star Wars.

The man is rich.