Tuesday, July 10, 2007

UPDATE: Rebuild of Evangelion Trailer!!! For Real, This Time!

Ohhhh, The GreatMoose is a happy, happy moose today! The first real trailer for Rebuild of Evangelion 0:1 "You Are (Not) Alone" was shown recently in Japanese theaters! Someone was good enough to do a cell-cam recording of the trailer, and put it onto the 'Tube. Looks farking fantabulous!

UPDATE: Now a REAL, honest-to-goodness trailer! Really clears up a lot, and looks GREAT!

The similarities to the original are astounding, and even with the crappy image quality you can tell some major improvements have been made. Looks gorgeous! All the characters are present and accounted for and LOOK like they should, the first three angels are perfectly represented, and the plot appears to be identical. They even kept the original theme song "Fly Me To The Moon" (albeit a bit more upbeat). All in all, this is very cool, and it really looks like Gainax has done what all us Eva fans were hoping for. Can't wait till Sept. 1st!

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