Tuesday, October 23, 2007

UPDATED!!! I Am Legend Trailer and Poster!

Ohmanohmanohman! I have been waiting for this movie for ages. I read (and loved) the book in high school, and enjoyed Charlton Heston's Omega Man version. But it needs an update. And so, Will Smith (one of the few ACTUAL movie stars we have today) presents us with this: I Am Legend.(Click for trailer) (Updated with a MUCH better trailer)

Here's the sweet poster:

(click to embiggen)

In case you aren't aware of the story, it concerns the last man left alive on earth after an "incident", and the struggles (and madness) he goes through after learning he isn't exactly alone. And the title of the book (and movie) is an extremely important plot point. I can't wait!

"Come out, Neville..."


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Holy toledo. i will say this, the dog better not die. I hate movies that get you by killing off the dog, it just aint right.

Greatmoose said...

**SPOILER** Don't read the book, then...

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

I knew it! They always kill off he dog, it just aint right!