Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Scariest (And Most AWESOME) List On The Intertubes

retroCRUSH has recompiled the 100 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time, and made it into a great list, complete with Youtube clips and scene explanations. Most of the lists like this you see, you have to do the work yourself to find the scenes they're talking about. rC has done all the work for you, and it's teh awesomes! Just click on the movie on the left side of the page, and it'll display the explanation and clip for you. Be warned, there's more pop-ups than a porn site (from what I've heard, you know), but it's worth it. There's also some real surprised on there (like To Kill A Mockingbird and Dumbo), but once you've read the explanation, you'll understand why they included it in the list, and it really shows that they've done their homework. Anyway, enjoy!

Note for MissSpeech: Misery's on there, too!

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