Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dave Letterman Is Cool

As you all know, The Late Show hasn't had new episodes for a week or so now due to the writers strike. And thus, CBS stopped paying The Late Show's employees. Well, Dave has stepped up and is paying them out of his own pocket. Here's the story:

...Late Show staff that they will be paid through the end of the year even though the show isn't on the air during the writers strike. "Dave's not doing this to get good press, which is why it hasn't been reported for almost two days," a source tells me. "This is really significant because, as opposed to all of the other shows, this money comes out of Dave's own pocket."

That's just super cool. Good on ya, Dave-o!


JTapp said...

So, are we further sticking it to the writers by pirating TV shows, or are we sticking it to the networks that don't pay writers royalties for for-profit downloads...?

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Letterman rocks the late night world!

Anonymous said...

way to go, dave!


Greatmoose said...

I'd say we're not sticking it to either one of them, as most TV shows are shown for free anyway, either ober-the-air or via the network's own websites.