Thursday, November 08, 2007

Morris Is Out!

The Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and others are quoting a source saying Guy Morris is out at Baylor. He'll coach two more games, and then he'll be gone. Hear that? Listen closely...That's the sound of no one giving a crap. The man did absolutely nothing while he was here. Rumor is, Mike Singletary is being tapped to be the new coach. Whatever.


JTapp said...

It'd be a bigger story if they didn't can him.

Singletary was one of my favorite players growing up. He'd be perfect.

Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Lets hope that Singletary does come in to coach the Baylor football Bears, at least kids in High School have heard of him and might actually want to play for Baylor.

Greatmoose said...

What they're not telling you is that it's not MIKE Singletary, it's Mike's slightly retarded younger cousin, Mikey Singletary. And he's got teh ghey.