Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, teh cravings!!!11!1one1

I'm sure by now most of you know of MissSpeech's fantastic news (and 'tis awesome news at that). It has been very interesting being a part of the various changes going on (some cool, come strange, and some downright frightenting). We're finally getting past all the nausea, and are now delving into the weird and wonderful world of cravings. I don't have a lot of data points yet, but there's been a few really good ones recently:

1. Casa Ole twice in a week (take THAT, Doc!)
2. La Fiesta and On The Border within 5 days of each other (love that Tex-Mex)
3. Pillsbury flakey biscuits and snowcones at 9:00pm
4. PB&J every morning as a "pre-breakfast" snack
5. Szchlotsky's pizza. Twice in the same day. Within two hours. (It was the kid size, and the only thing that sounded good)
6. Frozen hashbrown patties

Personally, I'm having a great time with this, as I never know what's coming next, and it's kind of fun. I've gained a bit of weight, however. MissSpeech has not. Arg.

Anyway, we're having fun (now that she feels a bit better) and we'll keep you posted.


Joshua "Doc" Wible said...

Ah but I have found the tex-mex that has driven Casa Ole from my mind.... yes its true.....

Greatmoose said...